Who’s Really Responsible for Fr. James Martin’s Revolution?


With each passing week the pace quickens. The revolutionaries continue to grow more emboldened. There is no time to lose. For those who wish to remake the Church in the image of fallen Man, instead of defending the immutable Truth of Our Risen Lord,  the time is now.

With every new tweet to his 125,000 followers on Twitter, or every pro-LGBT article shared to his half a million Facebook followers, Fr. James Martin, S.J. ups the ante. The rogue Jesuit (which might be redundant), described by some as a wolf in sheeps clothing (or Roman collar), has apparently made it his personal mission to change the faith of our fathers.

As I’ve written about before, Fr. Martin’s latest effort is Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity (Harper Collins, 2017). The book is interesting enough for the simple fact that it largely comes from an address Fr. Martin gave to New Ways Ministry in October of last year.

Now much of this might sound familiar to you. And this is where we start to realize just who is really responsible for Fr. Martin’s revolution.

In 1992 the founders of the pro-LGBT New Ways Ministry, Father Robert Nugent & Sister Jeannine Gramick, wrote Building Bridges: Gay and Lesbian Reality and the Catholic Church. The book was released four years after the Holy See had established a commission to review the work and writings of New Ways.

By 1995 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (under prefect Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) was handling the investigation into the ministry of Fr. Nugent and Sr. Gramick. In May of 1997 the CDF issued a statement regarding their findings. The similarity to the current confusion caused by Fr. James Martin’s “bridge building” is quite remarkable:

…the positions advanced by Sister Jeannine Gramick and Father Robert Nugent regarding the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts and the objective disorder of the homosexual inclination are doctrinally unacceptable because they do not faithfully convey the clear and constant teaching of the Catholic Church in this area. Father Nugent and Sister Gramick have often stated that they seek, in keeping with the Church’s teaching, to treat homosexual persons “with respect, compassion and sensitivity”.

This is interesting, of course, since it is the very co-opting, and proof-texting, of the Catechism (CCC 2358) that Fr. Martin employs in his ministry; even incorporating it into the subtitle of his new book. The CDF continued in their statement:

However, the promotion of errors and ambiguities is not consistent with a Christian attitude of true respect and compassion: persons who are struggling with homosexuality no less than any others have the right to receive the authentic teaching of the Church from those who minister to them. The ambiguities and errors of the approach of Father Nugent and Sister Gramick have caused confusion among the Catholic people and have harmed the community of the Church.

If this doesn’t capture the strategy employed by Fr. Martin today, then nothing does. However, that’s only the tip of the revolutionary iceberg.

As a result of their investigation, the CDF announced in that very same statement from May 1997 that Fr. Nugent and Sr. Jeannine Gramick were “permanently prohibited from any pastoral work involving homosexual persons…”

Writing thirteen years later, the United States Conference of Catholic Bisops’ (then) president Francis Cardinal George said:

I wish to make it clear that, like other groups that claim to be Catholic but deny central aspects of Church teaching, New Ways Ministry has no approval or recognition from the Catholic Church and that they cannot speak on behalf of the Catholic faithful in the United States

And yet, what do we find on the back of Fr. James Martin’s new book, but an endorsement from Sr. Jeannine Gramick:

Father Martin shows how the Rosary and the rainbow flag can peacefully meet each other. A must-read.

But this is nothing new. All this proves is that this current battle is decades old, even down to the very language employed by the revolutionaries (“respect, compassion, and sensitivity”). In the age of Laudato si and eco-Catholicism, it’s understandable that the Catholic left would recycle their heterodoxy.

What is different now from the past, however, is Rome itself. Leading the defense of orthodoxy and doctrinal clarity back then was Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. While Fr. Robert Nugent and Sr. Jeannine Gramick could spread their errors and ambiguities, they did so with the condemnation of the Holy See. That is not the case with Pope Francis.

To understand who is really responsible for today’s revolutionary spirit, one that seeks to make the LGBT’s agenda the Church’s own, go back to the back…of Fr. Martin’s book that is.

Who else do we find endorsing Fr. Martin’s 2017 repackaging of the New Ways message of the 1990’s? None other than three of Pope Francis’s most recent episcopal appointments: Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, New Jersey; Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life; and Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, California.

All three of these prelates, much like Cardinal Blaise Cupich of Chicago, are viewed as Francis bishops: big on “mercy”, light on doctrinal clarity.  Personnel is policy.

But it’s worse than that. For Pope Francis has withheld the red hat from traditional episcopal seats like Philadelphia (Archbishop Charles Chaput) and Los Angeles (Archbishop Jose Gomez); both men viewed as far more conservative and consistent regarding the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. The elevation of Joseph Tobin to the College of Cardinals speaks volumes, as the Archdiocese of Newark had never had a Cardinal archbishop before.

So what does Cardinal Tobin, very much a Francis bishop, say about Fr. James Martin’s book:

In too many parts of our church LGBT people have been made to feel unwelcome, excluded, and even shamed. Father Martin’s brave, prophetic, and inspiring new book marks an essential step in inviting church leaders to minister with more compassion, and in reminding LGBT Catholics that they are as much a part of our church as any other Catholic.

Bishop Robert McElroy, appointed by Pope Francis to head the Diocese of San Diego last year, has immediately demonstrated his willingness to embrace the New Ways agenda of Sr. Jeannine Gramick and (now) Fr. Martin. He writes:

The Gospel demands that LGBT Catholics must be genuinely loved and treasured in the life of the church. They are not. [Fr. Martin] provides us with the language, perspective, and sense of urgency to replace a culture of alienation with a culture of merciful inclusion.

As we have seen, the only thing Fr. Martin has provided us is the tired old errors and confusion of New Ways Ministries. What has changed, of course, is that while St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict (Cardinal Ratzinger) are gone, Sr. Jeannine Gramick remains. But now Rome is on her side it would seem.

Three recent Francis appointments. All singing the praise of a priest who (nearly) daily sows confusion and dissent through ambiguity and error via social media and the internet. But he is only one man. One bad Jesuitical apple. His words carry much more weight because of those two Cardinals and one bishop who endorse his work. They are favored sons of Rome. Each of them. And everyone knows it. Most of all their brother bishops.

While we are right to condemn the “LGBT ministry” of men such as Fr. James Martin, it is also important to understand who is really responsible for this revolution. Otherwise, we are simply wasting our breath.


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  1. Your last paragraph says it all. Sadly. To whom do we look for clear teaching? I have the responsibility as a priest and I promise to fulfill it. However, as a priest, it’s getting difficult to know to whom among the successors of the Apostles I can turn for Catholic teaching, the Word of God as proclaimed and taught in the Tradition of God’s Church. Some seem to be making it up as they go along or, at best, to be very confused or, at the very worse, intentionally ambiguous. These are successors of the Apostles to whom I want to be obedient but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Pope Benedict talked about the hermeneutic of rupture. This is rupture like we would never have imagined. I am convinced it will not draw people to the Church or those who have left back to the Church. Who is nourished by watered down faith? The Church is adrift. As Monsignor Bux said in the interview, we are in a crisis of faith. However we must keep walking forward in faith, each day, responding to the Lord’s call to conversion and holiness, celebrating Holy Mass, spending time with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and confiding ourselves to the care of Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mother of the Church.

  2. “Personnel is policy.”


  3. John D. Horton

    80% of the Catholic clergy are homosexual, so this is no great surprise, according to Fr. Andrew Greeley, “Priests: a calling in crisis,” lccn.loc.gov/2003059698.

    Dignity and New Ways Ministeries are just gay “dating” clubs to meet new sex partners where the sex club members don’t have to pay rent when they use the parish hall to hook up.

    When I was attending St. James Cathedral in Seattle, the organist would actively “hit” on other men in the choir. He died of AIDS within two years of my meeting him.

    When I was a teenager, there was one assistant priest who was always so up and happy. 40 years later I read his obituary and found out that he led the gay parish in Oklahoma city and had died of AIDS. I guess he was up and happy because he knew he would be getting some gay sex off of someone that night.

    I met the new pastor (Priest A) of my hometown parish in Lawton OK and thought he was very effeminate and limp wristed. I read his biography and found out that he was a convert to the faith through Priest B who I knew was homosexual (very effeminate, limp wristed and “catty” in a snarling way). Within a year of Priest A taking convert instruction from Priest B, Priest A was in the seminary trying to get ordained to the priesthood. These two had obviously been boyfriends during the convert instruction. Priest A died of AIDS within two year of my meeting him when he was about 50 years old although the paper reported the death as the result of a brain cancer.

    When Archbishop Rembert Weakland, in retirement, announced that he had always been gay and sexually active his whole life it was not a suprise when considering his record of bankrupting the Archdiocese of Milwaukee with endless sex abuse law suits and endless liturgical abuse. Weakland’s motto seemed to be “I am a crazy Catholic bishop and I can do anything I want” like a spoiled two year old brat. It appeared that you were not going to get ordained for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee unless you “put out” for Weakland and his friends so the clergy there must be 100% homosexual. Historical fact: Weakland and Thomas Merton were attending the same “Buddist spirituality” conference in Thailand in 1968 when Merton was electrocuted when a ventilation fan fell in his bathtub with him in the tub. Weakland has written that he administered the last rites to Merton. I am sure that the spirituality Merton and Weakland practiced on each other was not “Buddist” and that the whole conference was an opportunity for homosexual hook ups.

    The clergy and hierarchy do nothing because they are homosexually compromised themselves.

    It has been reported that Cardinal Bernardin was the gay bishop-maker and that no one was going to be made a bishop in the USA unless he was gay. This might explain Bernardin’s turning of Catholic theology’s condemnation to compassion for homosexuals in his “Seamless Garment of Life” paper.

    Homosexual priests and bishops have no interest in orthodox theology or orthodox liturgy because they are too busy chasing after their boyfriends and having sex with them on the faithful’s dime. Homosexual priests and bishops preach endless compassion for every sin because they are the biggest sinners and don’t want to be thought of as hypocrites once they are caught in their double life. Homosexuals are attracted to the priesthood because:
    — they can wear girly vestments,
    — they can hang out with the fag-hag church secretaries and other females of the parish as “girlfriends” with each other while the biological females are happy that “Father” is not fornicating another female,
    — do 10 minutes of work a day (daily Mass), and,
    — at Sunday Mass they can endlessly and pompously parade around a straight congregation demanding both money and compassion for homosexuals.

    • Franklin P. Uroda

      Yes, all of the above plus I feel betrayed by these priests and their kind.

      • John D. Horton

        I think one of the ultimate problems is that the Vatican’s Congregation for Bishops is extremely Hard Left. Since the 1960s, all the bishops have been nutty Liberation Theologists who don’t believe in God and are crypto-Communists. The Communists have always use libertine sex as a way to breakdown the institutions of society: Family, Church and School. All the homosexual bishops are only going to ordain homosexual priests because the bishops will only ordain those who validate their own decadence. This may explain the lack of vocations. The vocation directors screen out straight seminarian applicants and only select homosexuals.

  4. The Church’s role is to explain, not dialogue (ie negotiate)….with compassion and care for the individuals everlasting soul, not his/her temporal libido.

    Martin does raise a fair point; equivalating the ‘gay’ lifestyle to the ‘hetero contracepting’ lifestyle. where both have a “utilitarian” view of “the other”. That contracepting heteros don’t march in parades to promote the validity of their “lifestyle” could be the only distinction.

    Martin it appears, by inference, is amenable to “deviating down” rather than raising one up & out of these grave lifestyles. If rumors are true that Rome is revisiting the interpretation of Humanae Vitae … and should they apply the AL “conscience wild card” … well, there we go; no one will need a parade.

  5. Franklin P. Uroda

    Wow, such venom. Do you actually think anyone takes you seriously?

  6. OK, so you read the back cover. Have you read the book?

  7. We are constantly wanting to write the Church’s obituary. I get a sense that God will ensure these pernicious errors are overcome by the sword of St. Michael and the prayers of Our Blessed Mother and St. Peter. Not to mention St. Joseph. Remember Jesus said that He is greater than the one who roams this world and makes great boasts. I wrote about another book released by Daniel Mattson for Ignatius Press. It has received great writups with a forward by Robert Cardinal Sarah. I also wrote about Martin’s book: https://easterpeople.me/2017/05/08/bridges/

  8. Liberty Prosper

    So Brian, what do you suggest we do? i’m serious, i’m not trying to be witty or flip. it just seems like this article ended rather abruptly.

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