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New Show: Liturgy Guy on TRAD TALK RADIO

BIG NEWS: now you can listen to the Liturgy Guy on my new show, TRAD TALK RADIO. Tune in each week as we talk about the Latin Mass and all things traditional in an informative and humorous way.

My cohost on TRAD TALK is former Marine sniper and combat veteran Frank Cona. As a millennial who only discovered the Latin Mass a few years ago, Frank brings a fun and unique perspective to our show.

You can find our episodes on podcast courtesy of the Carolina Catholic Media Network, who also broadcasts our show every Tuesday at 5PM EST on Catholic radio (AM 1270 in Charlotte). Episodes are also available on YouTube.

Frank Cona and I believe that we have something unique to offer in our approach. Consider liking our page on Facebook and subscribing on YouTube and please tell your trad friends to give us a listen!

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