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Bishop Caggiano Brings St. Michael Prayer Back in Bridgeport

The following guest post was written by frequent contributor Fr. Donald Kloster, parochial vicar at St. Mary’s in the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

This week His Excellency Frank Caggiano, Bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport, announced that effective September 15, 2018 all 82 parishes will be expected to recite the St. Michael’s prayer after each Holy Mass.

This initiative is in response to the recent sexual scandals with minors that have rocked the Church (most involving homosexual acts). The Leonine Prayers that were promulgated in 1884 by Pope Leo XIII included the St. Michael prayer. These prayers were said after every low Mass for at least 80 years. That they were ever stopped, giving a great entry to Satan and his minions, was a tragedy for the Church. Hopefully the Church will once again benefit mightily from that stalwart prayer of fortitude.

St. Michael is the Archangel in charge of the spiritual forces of the Church. He leads the charge against the Devil and his never ending attacks on the faithful. Many exorcists have warned that recently demonic activity is spiking and we need all of the spiritual assistance we can marshal. The dark forces are no longer as hidden as they were and there are many agents of the Evil One who now more openly operate.

It is very important to remember that a Catholic in a state of grace has many protections and is well fortified in the resistance. However, we should all afford ourselves of every additional means of shielding our souls. The angels are at our disposal and we should remember to invoke their spiritual care.

The Way to heaven is not a wide path and not all will choose to enter its gates. There are many obstacles in our journey and we must stay focused on our salvation and helping others along the Way as well.

For me, the gates of Heaven mean we will see St. Peter, The Ever Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. John the Baptist, and St. Michael. These are our principle patrons and those who will be among the first to greet us if we are judged worthy to enter.

Keep your eyes up and look to the East. Nothing below us or behind us will help us as they are distractions. Follow the ancient Way trodden by the chosen and the eternally confirmed!

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