Sacred Music: Out of the Mouths of Babes

children choir 2

It is often children, in all of their innocence and simplicity, who instinctively understand the beauty of the Catholic faith better than we grown-ups. I was blessed this weekend to attend a Latin choir recital held at the Cathedral here in Charlotte. Two of my daughters have participated in the choir for the past couple years. Just a week ago this children’s choir performed for several thousand people prior to the Mass at our annual Eucharistic Congress.

Watching the kids sing gave me a profound sense of hope. What I saw was approximately 50 young boys and girls, ranging from kindergarten up through high school, most homeschooled and many from large families. Boys in white shirts, ties and blue slacks. Girls modestly attired in white shirts and blue skirts, many veiling in the presence of the tabernacle. All singing for the glory of God.

Here is the future of the Church I thought.

I was also reminded of a wonderful video which touches upon this same theme. Here are the children of St. Theresa Catholic School in Sugar Land, Texas. Talk about wisdom beyond their years!

So, why sacred music in the Mass? From the kids themselves:

People should sing holy songs at Mass because Jesus is there…

You should try to learn chant because it honors God and worships Him and I think He deserves to be treated like that and He gives all He can to us and we should give all we can to Him.

I don’t think people should be afraid of Latin because it is really easy.

and one of my personal favorites,

It is important to be reverent at Mass and we show it by trying to be good with lots of love and reverence for Jesus when we sing our songs.

As I said before, here is the future of the Church!

Laudetur Iesus Christus nunc et in aeternum!

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  1. The teacher at the end sounded like Gabi from Gabi After Hours on YouTube! 😀
    And these kids are AWESOME! 😀 God bless them!

    • Thanks for your comment Kylie. i love that video too. those kids get what “sacred” is all about.

      As for the teacher, yes it is the same person. Here is another great You Tube he made about altar serving.

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