New Book Released: Why Tradition? Why Now?


Pontifical High Mass in Philadelphia (September 14, 2017). Photo credit: Allison Girone 

Big News for fans of this blog:

The good folks at Regina Press have just released a second edition of my Liturgy Guy book. As part of their commitment to beauty and the return of reverence, Regina is releasing  this new edition (retitled and expanded) at a reduced cost so that the message of liturgical restoration may reach as wide of an audience as possible. 

Why Tradition? Why Now? features eleven essays previously published on the blog, nine of which were included in the first edition. Each of these essays have been carefully selected with the express purpose of catechizing the faithful about the need to restore the sacred to Catholic worship.

I am grateful to the Most Reverend Thomas E. Gullickson, Titular Archbishop of Bomarzo and Apostolic Nuncio in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, for his kind words in the Forward to this new edition:

“I am glad Regina Press is publishing a second edition of the collection of essays from Liturgy Guy. The cause of promoting reverent worship and seeking the restoration of the sacred needs fixed poles, the anchors that the print media can surely provide. I wish Brian Williams all the best with what is certainly a valuable flanking maneuver to a noble cause.”

At approximately 70 pages, the book is intentionally concise in making the case for tradition. It also costs less than the average ticket price for a movie these days. This is a book meant to be read and shared.

Why Tradition? Why Now? published by Regina Press is currently available in paperback at

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  1. I have my copy …thanks so much !
    I love coming to read Liturgy Guy …
    God Bless

  2. Congratulations! I gave copies to priests as gifts.

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