Bishop Caggiano Brings St. Michael Prayer Back in Bridgeport

The following guest post was written by frequent contributor Fr. Donald Kloster, parochial vicar at St. Mary’s in the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

This week His Excellency Frank Caggiano, Bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport, announced that effective September 15, 2018 all 82 parishes will be expected to recite the St. Michael’s prayer after each Holy Mass.

This initiative is in response to the recent sexual scandals with minors that have rocked the Church (most involving homosexual acts). The Leonine Prayers that were promulgated in 1884 by Pope Leo XIII included the St. Michael prayer. These prayers were said after every low Mass for at least 80 years. That they were ever stopped, giving a great entry to Satan and his minions, was a tragedy for the Church. Hopefully the Church will once again benefit mightily from that stalwart prayer of fortitude.

St. Michael is the Archangel in charge of the spiritual forces of the Church. He leads the charge against the Devil and his never ending attacks on the faithful. Many exorcists have warned that recently demonic activity is spiking and we need all of the spiritual assistance we can marshal. The dark forces are no longer as hidden as they were and there are many agents of the Evil One who now more openly operate.

It is very important to remember that a Catholic in a state of grace has many protections and is well fortified in the resistance. However, we should all afford ourselves of every additional means of shielding our souls. The angels are at our disposal and we should remember to invoke their spiritual care.

The Way to heaven is not a wide path and not all will choose to enter its gates. There are many obstacles in our journey and we must stay focused on our salvation and helping others along the Way as well.

For me, the gates of Heaven mean we will see St. Peter, The Ever Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. John the Baptist, and St. Michael. These are our principle patrons and those who will be among the first to greet us if we are judged worthy to enter.

Keep your eyes up and look to the East. Nothing below us or behind us will help us as they are distractions. Follow the ancient Way trodden by the chosen and the eternally confirmed!

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  1. Timothy O'Rourke Jr.

    “Nothing below us or behind us will help us as they are distractions.”

    Nice line!

  2. An excellent development. But, please, let’s bring the Tridentine Mass back to all altars on all Sundays!

    • Yes, I agree. Bringing the Tridentine Mass back to all churches on Sundays is a GREAT idea. The NO Mass needs purification, as it was through its implementation that disorder and corruption began to take hold of the Church. +

    • It’s too good of an idea, so of course can’t do that.

      Say the Last Gospel as well for those still attending the Novus Ordo. A powerful exorcism prayer. Or just go to the SSPX and be allowed to be an actual Catholic without compromise or sanctions. As Catholics, we have that right most importantly, the duty. God bless.

  3. Been saying the St. Michael prayer everyday since my return to the traditional Latin Mass.
    This prayer should be said after every HOLY MASS due to the terrible crisis the Catholic Church is in .
    We must keep our eyes on Christ …
    The war is raging …prayer and penance !

  4. Franklin Peter Uroda

    So, going to Jesus God Almighty, Founder of the Catholic Church and One of Three Most Powerful Persons, falls off the prayer radar and prompts Bishop Caggiano to remind people of St. Michael an Archangel and to pray to him against the powers of hell. Go figure.

    • Franklin, it’s AFTER the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the supreme prayer of the Church, a liturgy replete with His Holy Name. How does any faithful Catholic struggle with the reinstituting of the St. Michael prayer after Mass?

      • Franklin Peter Uroda

        Besides His Sacrifice, Jesus is our constant-Personally present at all times-companion, 24/7. My remarks are tantamount to saying “If we have access, immediately and always to Power and Love Itself, why look in other places?” We could say “Well, that’s the way that Jesus wants it.” Could be.

    • And Jesus (as the second person of the Holy Trinity) chose St. Michael to be his chosen warrior against Satan.

      Mr. Uroda why don’t you advocate mentioning God the Father and God the Holy Spirit in every article? Why stop there? Why not mention the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in every article? Why not mention the benefits of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in every article? It gets ridiculous unless one admits that all those things are implicit with a practicing Catholic’s intentions when he writes about the Catholic faith

      • Franklin P. Uroda

        So you think that Jesus wants us to seek help in other persons, rather than Himself? No real friend would do that to Him when He’s said “Come to ME all you who are heavily laden and I will refresh you”. It wouldn’t hurt any to mention “The Blessed Trinity” in stead of other appellations of the Deity. I’m a proud Roman Catholic.

      • I just gave a sermon on the Holy Name this past Sunday at my two Masses. I had those like you in mind when I told the people that everything the Church does implicitly is geared toward the Word Incarnate, but never to the exclusion of the other Two Persons of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Name of Jesus is always at the center of Catholicism whether His Name is explicitly used or not.

        Your posts are very peculiar. There are so many other things much more important in the theological sphere than this manufactured distraction.

  5. Stella Maria church on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina has been saying the Leonine prayers after Mass since 2002, I believe, in response to the Boston scandal.

  6. Thank you Bishop Frank..for bringing this prayer to all parishes….some have already been saying this prayer for quite a while. We need the help of St. Michael now, more than ever…as our Church, ,Christianity, and our world are being viciously battered by evil everywhere !!And, Thank you Father Kloster , for posting this article ! God Bless !!

  7. One of the best loved prayers of my childhood and a powerful defense. I’ve been saying it privately ever since I shared office space with a Satanist. As for the gentleman who disagrees, I guess we should also dispense with the Rosary and holy water too. Bravo for Bishop Caggiano. Could he make the suggestion to the NY Archdiocese and his former boss in Brooklyn?

    • To Franklin. SIr as regards your response to the St Michael Prayer every one of us has a Guardian Angel. If you have never felt the presence of extreme Peace and Spiritual Serenity and Security from God’s Messenger I hope you do so in the Future. Also as Catholics we Must put on all the Spiritual Armour that God has given us ,to deny this is to deny ( in my opinion ) the one who sent it . I personally would also like to see the Gospel Reading of St John said at the end of every Mass as it is said in the TLM. Also as Catholics we have such Saints that we can call upon to help us in our distress. Saints like even Paul who pleaded with the Lord to take the thorn of Of the Angel of Satan from him and God refused as he said it would make him who ” Ran the great Race ” to proud.
      Mary Mother of My Lord Pray For Us .

  8. Praying to St Michael three times a day: morning, evening, and after Mass.

  9. The ancient Jews prayed the psalms as part of their worship ceremony.

    The psalms contain sections where the people address themselves directly to the angels. Psalms 102:20, Psalms 96:7. Also see Daniel 3:58.

    Saint Paul exhorts Christians to pray the psalms. Colossians 3:16, Ephesians 5:19.

    Hence, prayers to the angels are “biblical.”

  10. Gabrielle Jones

    When the Church stopped reciting the Saint Michael prayer,it was not long afterward when abortion became legal.Abortion is the work of the devil.

  11. Thank you Bishop Frank Caggiano for bringing back the St. Michael Prayer. I pray that every single Bishop in every single diocese will follow your lead. I have been saying for years now that we should be praying this prayer after each and every Holy Mass. When we stopped praying this prayer many years ago, smoke began to leak in, and now the smoke has thickened inside thew walls. St. Michael The Archangel, please defend us in battle.

  12. The Prayer to St. Michael is making a comeback in many parishes.
    St. Michael the Archangel Defend us in battle!

  13. How wonderful that Bishop Caggiano is doing this in his US diocese.. I hope every Diocese in the world follows suit… and goes back to what was the tradition in our Church.

    Thank you Bishop for guiding we the Faithful as an apostle of Our Lord… – as a shepherd..more than ever the Faithful need this right now 24/7

  14. Our diocese has been doing the St. Michael prayer after every Mass for years.

  15. St mary Coventry Ct recites St. Michael prayer after ebery weekday morning mass. Not sure why it is not done on weekends.

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