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SUMMORUM PONTIFICUM: An Appeal to Our Shepherds

The pre-Summorum Pontificum situation essentially constituted a liturgical form of segregation that ultimately created a type of ghetto that pushed the clergy and faithful attached to, or even simply interested in, these rites into the darkness of the margins and peripheries.

Going back to such a situation would be as intolerable for the faithful as it would be unwise for the Church as it would not only re-establish that situation, it would double-down on it, creating what amounts to a class-based system approach to the sacred liturgy.

The wisdom and prudence of the current situation is one of charity, normalization and integration — and that situation leads ultimately toward greater harmony and understanding both in the shorter term and most especially in the longer run. It is a light which helps triumph over the darkness.

As has been shown in the course of history, segregation in any form is not healthy for anyone; it leads to conflict and division. As such, I would appeal to our shepherds to take note of the lessons of history and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Let the light shine through the darkness and let the doors and altars of our churches, chapels and cathedrals be open to all, regardless of their particular rite or use.

The preceding guest post was written by Shawn Tribe, founder and former editor of New Liturgical Movement, as well as founder and current editor of Liturgical Arts Journal.

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