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The Tragedy of Traditionis Custodes in Two Pictures

Recently at his blog, A Priest Life, Father Kevin M. Cusick posted on the devastation caused by the implementation of Traditionis custodes (TC).

In an October 16 blog post titled, Thank you, Pope Francis, Father wrote:

The fruits of the Church of dialogue, accompaniment, mercy, welcome, synodality…

This is my church on Sunday at 11 AM before September 21 when the deadly thunderclap of Traditionis custodes fell with full force on my archdiocese:

This is my church at 11 am on Sunday now:

Thank you, Pope Francis, for bringing the success of your pontificate to my parish.

This is the on-the-ground reality of TC. The MostMercifulPopeEver™️ and the papacy of self-described #listening, #synodality, and #accompaniment is nothing but brutality, ideology, and devastation.

Remember Father Cusick in your prayers and all of his displaced parishioners. And pray for an end to this self-loathing, self-destructive, and anti-Catholic madness that permeates the Church today.

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