Obedience Requires Us to Resist Suppression of the Traditional Mass

The Traditional Roman Rite cannot be lawfully suppressed nor abrogated. As Pope Benedict wrote in 2007, “What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful.”

The Eternal Law, Revealed Divine Law, and the Natural Law require our obedience, and in that hierarchical order. Then comes Human Ecclesial Law (the pope and bishops).

When Rome or the local ordinary attempt to suppress the traditional worship of Catholics (an act which is unlawful and uncharitable), then the faithful and clergy are justified in resisting this spiritual abuse-an abuse which contradicts Sacred Tradition.

This is True Obedience to both God and Revealed Divine Law. Any attempt by the hierarchy of the Church to suppress the Traditional Mass is in direct contradiction (and disobedient) to the Eternal Law and liturgical providence. Resist it.

[Image Credit: True Obedience in the Church by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Sophia Institute Press, 2021].

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  1. For once, Catholics need to put divisions aside and act as one. What is said here is entirely correct and what Pope Benedict said should be the words on our banners, along with Deus Vult. We are under no obligation to cooperate with evil, and this edict is nothing but. It is time to take a stand, and if not now, then never. I hope and pray we are not so weak and apathetic we can’t muster what it will take, prayer and serious boycotts. I’m open to other ideas, but what could possibly make a difference to Francis. A man who would attack God in this way, has no heart or ear for the flock. It’s time for a reality check.

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    The World without the Sacrifice of the Mass is like “the world without the sun” St. Padre Pio

    • Franklin P. Uroda

      Unless we eat the Flesh of Jesus, and drink His blood, i.e., Holy Communion, we’ll have no life within us.

  3. Thanks for the comments. What can we do? The ‘Bishop of Rome’ is so mean and powerful, yet he asks us to pray for him sometimes. He must know there is something wrong with him and that makes him ?crazy? Maybe we can get him out of power by a proper medical exam and diagnosis of a psychosis. Anyone know about these things? Meanwhile, we’ll pray for you Bishop of Rome.

  4. The ordinary magisterium(i.e. authoritative but non-infallible, non-definitive teaching and discipline) of the Church requires the assent of religious submission of will and intellect . Which has very limited availability for dissent. Peter K seems somewhat ignorant even of the precision of pre-Vatican 2 “theological notes” . He and others also misread Bellarmine (as i formerly did until corrected and read him much more closely). Except in very rare instances, disobedience is not a virtue -contra Peter K.

    • @Todd Voss
      Dr. Kwasniewski never intimates that disobedience is a virtue. There is plenty of moral evidence for us not be obedient to pronouncements from Rome detrimental to the faith. Think of a commander in the field asking a soldier to violate his conscience. A few examples include the use and defense of the Pachamama idolatrous statue at the Amazon Synod in Rome, “the who am I to judge” quote regarding the disorder of homosexuality, the refusal to correct the German Bishops on the question of the divorced and remarried being admitted to Holy Communion, and the giving of Holy Communion to the excommunicated politician Nancy Pelosi. Today we have two modern popes seriously contradicting each other with regards to the Mass of the Ages. I would rather be obedient to tradition, Pope Pius V, and Pope Benedict XVI.

    • Everything is correct here except the part about the ordinary magisterium being infallible.

  5. When most Catholics accepted the ‘Novus Ordo Missae’ over 50 years ago, this day became inevitable.
    No pope, or Church Council has any authority to replace the Mass handed down from the Apostles and codified by Pope St. Pius V. Any pope who would attempt this would be committing an act of schism, according to Suarez and Aquinas.
    We are finally tasting the bitter fruit of the action taken by Paul VI.

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    Liturgy Guy on the case . . .

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