Rhode Island Priest with Social Media Following Says the Church MUST Return to the Latin Mass

Fr. Giacomo Capoverdi is a priest of the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island with nearly 5,000 friends and followers on social media. To my knowledge Fr. Capoverdi does not publicly offer the Traditional Latin Mass, which makes the following guest post all the more impactful. It is shared here from his Facebook page with Father’s permission.

I know there are going to be some who disagree with me. That’s your right. But In my opinion and experience of 25 years of priesthood we are sinking fast as a Church and are in big trouble. Most of our problems are internal.

The only way out of this mess, I believe, is to go back to doing what the Church did when She was successful. We need to go back to the Mass of St. Pope John XXIII, the Extraordinary Form, in every parish and start running seminarians like we used to before the mid sixties.

Some say the church has to become more, “With the times,” and even more Liberal. That the church needs to change Her moral positions on Homosexuality and Abortion, then more people will come to Mass. This could not be furthered from the truth.

Protestants tried this, changing their moral theology and understanding of the Bible, and they have been failing miserably. Mainline Liberal Protestant churches are disappearing from the face of the earth. So are Liberal Religious Nuns and Brothers. Many of these Liberal groups have not had a vocation in decades.

The Catholic Church shifted our belief on Salvation and the way we celebrate Holy Mass. That’s when our problems began. Priests bad behavior since the sixties is a consequence of this, bad fruit from bad decisions. If we don’t make major changes soon, and go back to the way things were before the last 55 years, we will continue to hemorrhage and lose 75% of the population that is practicing today, over the next 50 years.

For example, there are 5 parishes in Westerly, Rhode Island right now. If we don’t go back to the TLM, my prediction is 50 years from now there will just be 1 parish in Westerly that only needs to celebrate 3 Masses on the weekend.

Trying to become more Protestant in our Liturgy and Theology over the past 55 years has had disastrous consequences. We can’t blame the mess we’re in on, “Cultural changes.” The sad changes we made helped shape the cultural changes that tragically happened.

We baptized bad moral behavior, by watering down our beliefs. I know I won’t be around to see the total collapse, but it’s coming if we don’t go back to our Traditional Mass and Traditional moral beliefs.

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  1. Patrick Harrison

    Yes I agree, but sadly the pope and his buddies don’t and just want to destroy the holy truth the Catholic Church it’s so so scary and sad

  2. Father is exactly right, and God bless him for saying it. The evidence is all around if one understands the numbers. But just look at the typical Novus Ordo attendee, mostly seniors. Look at the typical Vetus Ordo (Roman Rite) attendee, young, many with multiple children. People don’t want felt banners and tambourines, or Father “entertaining” from the pulpit. People want Jesus Christ, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, that is for them. They want to encounter Christ during His passion, and be fed the Bread of Angels. They want Catholicism, unadulterated.
    Francis has accelerated the destruction of the church. This goes way beyond any ideas of “restoration”. This is sheer destruction. And he knows it. He is a monster, the destroyer.

  3. John C Castiello


  4. This priest is absolutely right. The more liberal the church becomes fewer people will attend mass because we need something that is truly spiritual and you can only achieve that with the traditional Latin mass.

  5. “Protestants tried this, changing their moral theology and understanding of the Bible, and they have been failing miserably.”

    Not enough cradle Catholics understand this.

    • John-Otto Liljenstolpe

      Yes, the membership of mainline Protestant churches is declining as is the membership of fundamentalist Protestant churches that maintain the traditional ethics Fr. Giacomo Capoverdi champions. To attribute this decline to the older doctrine of abortion that does not consider abortion murder before the time of quickening and the embrace of LGBTQIA+ people as not inherently sinful is a case of misdiagnosis. The cited decline is due to growing disinterest of the world’s younger generations in belonging to institutions of any kind that their making a living does not require of them.

      • Except that Fr. Capoverdi said this:

        “The Catholic Church shifted our belief on Salvation and the way we celebrate Holy Mass. That’s when our problems began.”

        This is correct – the problem began when the Mass was abandoned, not because the ethics changed. The change of ethics followed from giving up the emphasis on the spiritual and supernatural, and opting for a natural, humanistic focus. Put the spiritual front and center again, and the healing and restoration will follow.

      • Patty the new TLM lover

        This is not what we see in the traditional Latin rite, probably partly because the disruptor modernist crowd have tried to suppress it, with no justification from Vatican 2. Still happening. Those who go, get it, including many many youth, and also oldies. These people know they don’t like NO, and will never go back to NO. The rest is just propaganda, because they don’t want to admit that the liturgical reform was messed up.

  6. Makes me sick to my stomach the way some priests have no reverence for the Mass….they joke from the pulpit, like the image of Christ crucified is not just six feet away….our bishop thinks that applause during Mass is acceptable and priests allow the reception of the Holy Eucharist by hand….many times the music directs the Mass, like the tail wagging the dog…instead of the Mass directing the music….we wait for readers to walk to the pulpit for the readings…the Mass is supposed to be seamless……

  7. Well said Father! Thank you!

  8. Jackie Forestieri

    Yeah I’m a cradle Catholic raised in the novus ordo mess. I found (or was led to) the TLM, and i get so much more out of it. I truly feel like I’m in heaven during Mass and I get happy and excited for each upcoming Sunday. I’m never never going back to the novus ordo. I don’t miss anything about it.

  9. Malachi Martin had it right : God has withdrawn His grace. Since the church’s downward trajectory since the council she has allowed a man-centered ideology to exist , flourish and be maintained . Paul VI stated the church is in auto-demolition , with his new mass, allowing communion in the hand , he could’ve tossed it out for obvious reasons. He could’ve changed it . All subsequent popes supported this experiment knowing full well it was a disaster. Again, no one did anything. Along comes Lefebvre…and he’s railroaded outta town, banished because he tried to correct the train wreck. Pope Leo xiii vision has come home to roost.

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