St. Mary’s to Offer Traditional Mass Daily


Good news today out of St. Mary’s in Norwalk, Connecticut. From the desk of pastor (and frequent Rorate Caeli contributor) Fr. Richard Cipolla:

The Traditional Roman Rite of the Mass lies at the very heart of Saint Mary’s parish. Since Father Markey introduced it in the parish some seven years ago, it has become integral to the very existence of this parish both in spiritual ways and in eminently practical ways. The Solemn Mass on Sunday has brought so many new people to the parish and continues to be a source of inspiration and genuine prayerful worship to all who assist at the Mass. The Traditional Mass, also known as the Extraordinary Form, is a gift from God via Pope Benedict to St. Mary’s.

When God gives someone a gift He expects it to be used for His glory and to be part of the missionary effort of the Church to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. In our case, I have decided that this gift needs to be used even more deeply in the parish than up to this point. After much thought and prayer, I have decided that the daily morning Mass will be celebrated in the Extraordinary Form. The time of the Mass will be moved to 7:30 a.m. to allow more people who go to work early to attend Mass. The readings will be in English. The quiet simplicity of the Low Mass will enrich us all. Cardinal Sarah’s book on Silence specifically mentions the silence of the Canon in the Extraordinary Form as something very good for the worshipping community. Most of our parishioners will notice little change, since we celebrate the daily Novus Ordo Mass in continuity with the form of the Traditional Mass. This change will also enable more of our parishioners to experience the beauty of the Extraordinary Form and enrich their understanding of the worship of the Church in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

In no way should this change to the daily celebration of the Extraordinary Form be interpreted as a “return to the past”. As Pope Benedict said: “What was sacred then is sacred now.” We live in the now, not in the past. And we look to the future with confidence that the presence of the Extraordinary Form at St. Mary’s will be a force within the Church to worship God in the Spirit, the God of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The return to the Tradition of the Church is absolutely necessary in an age of spiritual amnesia within the Church that has sapped her strength to be who she is: the presence of Jesus Christ in the world.

Your support, as always, is very important to me. Let us pray for each other and our beloved parish church dedicated to Mary most Holy.

Father Richard Gennaro Cipolla, Pastor

Deo gratias and thank you Fr. Cipolla!

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  1. Readings will be in English? Only English? Surely not. Rubrics …

    • My understanding, from a priest known for his liturgical knowledge, is that the readings may be read in an approved edition of the vernacular, in place of the Latin texts, at Low Mass only (per Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesia).

  2. Raymond F Rice

    Eventually the Roman Catholic Church will divide into 2 churches/ Latin rite and Modern rite.

  3. June E Vendetti

    Fr. Cipolla I’ve read some of your articles, which favor Catholics getting the injections for Covid. If these injections were real vaccines, I would get them-but they’re not! They are gene manipulation therapies. There have been many people who have been injured severely by these injections. Have you seen Sen. Johnson’s Senate Hearings on those who’ve been injured? Also, most of my cousins have been injected, & also received boosters, but they still contracted Covid! My cousin Donna & I have been on a regimen of Vitamins C,D3, & zinc, & have been healthy for 21 months now. The harvesting of fetal cell lines are taken from the fetus when he or she is still alive-otherwise the cell lines will not be viable, if the infant is deceased. They also operate on the fetus without any anesthesia; I know I would not want to be operated on without anesthesia! The mRNA in the injections are coded in a way that weakens the immune system. God gave us mRNA! Therefore, we don’t need someone else’s mRNA in us! I am not an anti-vaxxer. I’ve had other vaccines in my lifetime. But these are not vaccines; if they were, there would be no need to have booster shots. There is something very nefarious about these injections. It’s been reported that the blood coagulates in such a way that they form little discs in the blood vessels, which can cause strokes or blood clots. These injections are still in their experimental stages. As far as I’m concerned, no Catholic in their right mind should be advocating for them. The clinical trials will not be completed until the end of 2023 or 2024. There is no long-term data on these injections yet, because the testing is incomplete. From what I’ve seen, I am standing by until accurate data can be obtained and analyzed, to protect not only myself, but others.

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