A Charlotte First: Confirmation in the Extraordinary Form


On Saturday, the Most Reverend Peter J. Jugis, Bishop of Charlotte, North Carolina celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Extraordinary Form, a first ever occurrence for a diocese only just established in November, 1971, two years after the release of the New Mass.

While Bishop Jugis conferred the sacrament, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass itself was offered by Father Jason Barone, with Father Jason Christian serving as deacon and seminarian Deacon Matthew Bean as subdeacon.

The Confirmation Mass was offered at St. Ann’s parish, home to the diocesan Charlotte Latin Mass community, where a weekly Sunday Traditional Latin Mass has been offered by pastor Father Timothy Reid for the past three years. While St. Ann’s has seen its share of traditional rite baptisms, weddings, and requiem masses, Saturday’s Confirmation Mass signifies the next big step in restoring the sacred in Charlotte.

Brick by brick.









Photo Credit: John Cosmas

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  1. Lovely pictures!
    I wish. you had included a pic of the Knights honor guard, my husband was among them. It’s a big step for many of these guys to offer the guard at the TLM. Like the mass itself, many Knights have never seen the protocol used by the 4th degree for the traditional mass and often it is their first time assisting at the Extraordinary Form – it leaves quite an impression and serves as great PR for the Latin mass.

    • We were blessed to have them there! I agree, the Knights honor guard’s participation at the Mass represents more of the recovery of the true & beautiful. For this blog post I chose only ten out of 158 photographs, so many great pics were not utilized. Please watch for more of those great photos at the Liturgy Guy Like page on Facebook. God bless!

    • I was their as 4th degree knight .it was mine first time doing confmation in extraordinary form.but did it in Latin before

  2. What was the age of those being confirmed?

  3. We have the Latin rite Confirmation at our parish, St. Joseph, Toledo, Ohio, every other ýear. Our parish is the only parish in the Toledo Diocese that offers the Traditional Latin Mass each Sunday.

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