The Continuing Assault Against Tradition at the Parish Level


My latest over at One Peter Five:

Several recent stories have once again highlighted just how much disdain for tradition, and specifically the Latin Mass, still remains in the Church.  Sadly, as many faithful simply seek a more reverent manner in which to worship God in the Holy Mass, they repeatedly encounter clergy who dismiss out of hand the Church’s liturgical patrimony.  At the parish level, and despite the papacy of Benedict and the occasional tradition friendly bishop, many Catholics are still subjected to the misconceptions and prejudices held by their priests.


Unfortunately, the faithful are deprived of the depth and beauty of Catholicism when a priest chooses rupture over continuity.  The overt hostility towards all things pre-conciliar amongst the clergy should not be tolerated by brother priests, bishops or the faithful.  This manner of self-loathing Catholicism must be relegated to the past, left behind with that generation of clergy and laity who sought to destroy what had been entrusted to them.

Read the full story at One Peter Five.

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