The Fisher More Affair

Fisher More College

Here are a few of my thoughts regarding this unfortunate Fisher More College-Bishop Michael Olson affair.

1. Fisher More College “jumped the shark” apparently sometime in the past year…most likely due to their President Michael King. This is a unique situation unto itself.

2. The FSSP and other priests who offer the Extraordinary Form have apparently disassociated with the school. Same with faculty and other staff.

3. Rumor is that schismatic leanings have more than taken root.

4. Huge issue here is that very word…rumor. We aren’t privy to what is happening. What we do have is a leaked letter…most likely released to Rorate Caeli by the school for sympathy.

5. The bishop did not write the letter for public release. It followed discussions no doubt, so it simply addresses Mr. King and has no need to explain the back story or establish context. Unfair to expect it to fully explain his Excellency’s position.

6. Do we not have an obligation to give some benefit of the doubt to the newly installed local ordinary?

7. Summorum Pontificum may allow the bishop more leeway when it comes to college chapels.

8. The idea of permitting the Mass to be offered, but only in the OF, is the wrong approach. Whether the priest has proper faculties to publicly offer the Mass should be the determinant, regardless of form. Not the denial of one form over another in the same rite.

9. Bishop Olson has played right into the fear of many traditionalist that the current ecclesial environment is anti-EF (jury still out but truth be told…not looking promising).

10. Traditionalist (myself included) need to stop playing the victim. Most of our concerns and critiques are well founded, but hysteria and paranoia are very unappealing and counterproductive.

11. No doubt the OF is greatly abused, liturgically impoverished in most parishes, and seldom sanctioned despite these facts.

12. True, plenty of liberal “Catholic” schools should face harsh treatment too…unfortunately that is irrelevant to how Bishop Olson should best address what faces him, in his diocese, at this moment.

13. As a traditionalist, I don’t see how this is the battle to fight. Let’s see what his Excellency down there in Fort Worth has to say about this in the coming weeks. Also, let’s see how the FSSP are treated.

14. Lent is almost here. Prayers and penance for our priests and bishops to finally embrace the spirit of Summorum Pontificum and work diligently for a liturgy that is truly worthy of Our Lord and His bride the Church.

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  1. Thank you for your well reasoned response. While we are watching the EF being restricted, look at the OF too. I expect it will slip to being worse than it’s ever been.

  2. Amen! Well said…thank you. As a Catholic who loves the Tradition of Holy Mother Church, and who loves the Bishops, I am grateful for your remarks. To much is being said to the contrary. Let us pray…yes, let us pray!

  3. Anyone that ardently seeks true Christian orthodoxy, tradition and a liturgy that reveres and glorifies Christ in the Real Presence, while struggling with the irreverence and outright sacrilege of the humanist Masonic-inspired Protestantized Novus Ordo Mass is automatically excused as schismatic. It is our young people that are leading the charge back to the pre-Vatican II Faith.

  4. Taylor Marshall was a great friend of the former bishop in fort worth. It most likely that the former bishop called the shots here and not the present bishop.

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