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Let’s Start Being Catholic Again


It’s not rocket science.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.  We don’t have to hold dozens of conferences and spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to develop a twenty-first century strategy.  All the Catholic Church needs to evangelize a highly secular and increasingly hostile world can be found right there in our very tradition.  We already possess what we need; the only thing lacking is faith.

Truth.  Beauty.  Goodness.  The Church has always understood the necessity of each.  Much like the Holy Trinity, these three are distinct, but they are also one.  The story of the post-conciliar years has been in many ways all about the loss of that which is true, beautiful and good.

The truth has been buried underneath such errors as indifferentism, false ecumenism, and immanentism.  We have allowed ourselves to be treated as simply one of many Christian denominations.  This is patently false.  We are not merely one of many ideas competing in a religious market place. The Church and the sacraments are the means by which grace enters the world and souls are saved. 

Beauty has largely disappeared from the faith as well.  That which is objectively beautiful (and we know this because it has survived centuries and transcended cultures) has been viciously assaulted by modernists for decades.  Altars smashed, communion rails ripped out, timeless Gregorian chant and traditional hymns replaced instead by banal folk songs which have already become outdated works of a disobedient generation.

The Good has also suffered from this loss of faith.  Just as the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, that which is good proceeds from truth and beauty.  As the world increasingly embraced lies and the ugliness of sin, the Church, abandoning clarity and confidence, often responded instead with ambiguity and minimalism.  When triumphalism was needed most, we got aggiornamento.

As I said in the beginning, the answer to this crisis of faith, this lack of truth, beauty, and goodness can be found in our tradition. 

Eucharistic processions, adoration, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, organized public rosary rallies.  As one friend recently put it:  Catholics doing Catholic stuff. 

There is no better way to meet people where they are (literally), than to take Our Lord to them in a Eucharistic procession.  We need to take Christ out of all the tabernacles of the world and process Him through the streets.  Christ in the monstrance.  Our King on His Throne. 

The radical, secular, left is not looking to compromise. There is no culture war. It is a cultural revolution.  The devil doesn’t want to coexist with Christ. As those who hate Our Lord have grown in confidence, we have retreated.  With that retreat from the battlefield, we have taken Christ with us. 

Once there was a world where processions were frequent and the faith lived, shared, and boldly proclaimed.  If you wanted to see Christ, you only had to look up….even out in the streets…and you would see Him.  Actually see Him. 

Catholics doing Catholic stuff.

It’s not rocket science.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Look to our tradition, to that which is true, beautiful, and good. And let’s start being Catholic again.

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