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Photopost: Five Ordained in Charlotte. Deo Gratias!


On June 17, the Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina welcomed five new priests during a two and a half hour Ordination Mass. The newly ordained are: Father Peter Ascik, Father Matthew Bean, Father Brian Becker, Father Christopher Bond, and Father Christian Cook. The Mass was offered by Bishop Peter J. Jugis of Charlotte.

Following his episcopal ordination in 2003, Bishop Jugis immediately began focusing on four areas of priority for the diocese: the liturgy, catechesis, evangelization and vocations. Since then the diocese has seen a steady increase of vocations. Just last year Charlotte opened St. Joseph College Seminary. Following a first year enrollment of eight seminarians, the diocese already has another nine men slated to enter this Fall.

The below photos are courtesy of long time Liturgy Guy contributor John Cosmas.


Deacons Christian Cook, Brian Becker, and Peter Ascik at the beginning of Mass.


Deacons Matthew Bean and Christopher Bond.


Bishop Jugis wraps Fr. Becker’s hands with the maniturgium.



Fr. Christopher Bond during the Roman Canon.




Fr. Peter Ascik offers his priestly blessing to Bishop Peter Jugis.IMG_0515IMG_0516First priestly blessings given to Sr. Mary Raphael of the Daughters of the Virgin Mother, Fr. Casey Coleman of the Diocese of Charlotte, and someone named the Liturgy Guy.



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