The Perfidious Fr. Martin Strikes Again

The perfidious Fr. James Martin, SJ is at it again. His unrelenting advocacy for the secular, militant, LGBT agenda continues during this era of the “Who am I to judge?” Francis papacy.

In his latest stunt, and in response to an LGBT protest in Poland last month, Fr. Judas James Martin has once again resorted to a straw man argument, concluding multiple tweets on the topic with the question:

Are Mary and Jesus only for straight people?

Martin doesn’t care that no one believes this. He understands that no one is arguing that Our Lord and His Blessed Mother are “only for straight people”, whatever that even means. However, when one has an agenda to promote as Fr Martin does, tilting at windmills is far easier than refuting natural law, sacred scripture, and the Catholic Church.

As is always the case, Fr. Martin sees issues of same-sex attraction purely in temporal terms. What you do not find in his tweets is any hint of the supernatural or concern for the salvation of souls.

Fr. Martin instead seeks affirmation of the agenda by couching it in language which (intentionally) conflates the sin with the sinner.

By now we all know that Fr. Martin can’t stop talking, writing, lecturing, and tweeting about all things LGBT. One quick look at his Twitter account proves that. But it also reveals something else much more concerning.

The perfidious Fr. Martin has over 243,000 followers on Twitter. And this is why his antics are newsworthy. Bishop Robert Barron, considered by many to be the leading Catholic media personality among clergy, has (at 141,000 followers) 100,000 fewer than Martin. In other words, Fr. Martin’s audience and influence is significant and far reaching.

Hopefully no one is holding their breath waiting for the bishops to denounce Fr. Martin. To the contrary, and as I’ve written about before, many are endorsing his work.

No, protecting the faithful from perfidious and predatory priests is not a strong suit of this generation of bishops. This is sad because I know many wonderful and holy priests who do not hesitate to condemn Martin’s dangerous agenda.

For us the laity, we must continue to shine a light on the darkness, on those who would remake the Church in the image of the world. And we must pray.

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  1. I think the tweet is a form of slander towards the Catholic faithful. He’s insincerely accusing us of believing that and wants to spread that concept among his followers. It’s so insulting.

  2. Janice Govitz

    But you must consider that The so called priest Fr. Martin’s fan are mostly LGBT followers and they’re on Twitter because they fear coming out in public. Bishop Barron probably indeed does have more followers they just aren’t on social media. I am certain that Jesus had many more followers than did Pilate they just didn’t come out in public for fear of persecution. This is why social media is so damaging. This is why it is so often not the truth. Being Catholic is about truth. Fr. Martin and all his followers will have to answer to the God who made them male and female. Let us pray for our persecutors and love them because that is what God is calling us to do.

  3. Arthur McGowan

    “Hopefully, no one is holding THEIR breath…”

    Leaving aside the misuse of “hopefully,” this should read “…holding HIS breath…”

    The “singular they” is a weapon of the gender ideologues.” The mandate has gone out to all journalists to use it. Catholic writers should be resisting it.

    • sharonand8icloudcom

      Sadly, the Church joined the wrong side of that fight decades ago when they started using so-called inclusive language, even though using “men” to mean everyone is already inclusive. Those who rewrote liturgy and hymns and Bible verses knew they were ahead of the media by bringing that language into our churches. They weren’t being inclusive with these changes, they were being destructive, and their goal was to encourage a genderless mindset. Sadly, the NO made it very easy to bring in those changes.

  4. Deacon Jim Martin

    The beautiful and encompassing faith we share is like a graceful swan. She needs two wings. No bird can fly or even get air borne with one wing. What my friend and name sharer and I have in common is defending those who can not. Imagine an affirmed member of the LGBT community posting on this site a defense of using the rainbow in their own promotional material. It isn’t a sin to be “gay”, Not all “gay” people are sexually active, and not all are sinners. They aren’t attracted sensually the same as the majority. What Fr Martin is suggesting is that all people regardless of their personality or their quirks are entitled to respect for who they are – made in the image and likeness of God – not how they act. No sin is more acceptable than another – ALL sin is contrary to God’s Divine Will. To use the expensive adjectives to smear someone who is promoting universal brotherly love is somehow not a very Christian action I think. I can almost hear the reprisals and hate threats that will come from this message, but the response is the same – Love your neighbor as you Love yourself!

    • If “all sins” are “the same” then why are there venial and mortal sins. This my friend suggests and it’s in the Bible (if you don’t know it). There are sins that are larger and deadlier than others. fr. martin is suggesting their sexual sins should be “accepted” by all. Not the case here! I will firmly stand against the homosexual acts which goes against God and His words.!

    • Faux Father Martin is leading people to sin.
      Big difference.
      It would be as if telling an alcoholic they are loved by God and God made them that way without ever showing real love and mercy in telling the alcoholic to stop drinking and destroying their family.
      Faux father Martin promotes the sodomy life style by not denouncing it. Leading others to think sodomy and adultery are acceptable.
      And using that statement that you can almost hear the hate and threats does not serve your position well. It is insulting to those with opposing views as if anyone who opposes you is a hater.

  5. God created us male and female. We are all called to be chaste, no matter what our sexual orientation is. God has told us when sex is appropriate, which is within marriage between a man and a woman. We are all sinners. Those who succumb to sexual temptation, no matter their orientation, and are truly repentant and wish to amend their lives have confession to gain God’s forgiveness. In the CCC we find “2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. THEY MUST BE ACCEPTED WITH RESPECT, COMPASSION, AND SENSITIVITY.” (My caps) Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.” What Fr. Martin espouses is more than brotherly love within the context of following the teachings of God and his Church. It is much more about accepting the BEHAVIOR of active homosexuals, which is against the faith.

    • Decon JIm Maritn

      Thanks Beth, I’m not an avid follower of the posting on this site. And while I have read and enjoy Fr. Martin’s articles and publications, I don’t construe them as pro-sodomy or pro-adultery in any way. I don’t know exactly how that all plays out. There are many ways of sin and organization’s who’s members are not chaste, but supporting those people who are sinners (which pretty much includes all of us) doesn’t endorse the sin – per se. If the argument is being made that Fr. Martin endorses sin, then I would have to agree that isn’t acceptable, but if rather he is promoting Love of neighbor, that is unarguably very Christ-like. Anecdotally, Jesus gathered a woman into His Divine company who had been possessed bv seven demons, presumably the same one’s who are active in those of our society who are sexually exuberant outside of marriage. i would admit Fr. Martin, is dancing at the fire, but I don’t agree he is lighting everyone else with it.. How else do you spread the Good News of salvation and inclusion without becoming very close to those who are in dire need?

  6. It is past time to cease giving this obviously self absorbed and troubled man the attention he craves. His views are simply one of many similar and lack the same amount of validity.

  7. “For we the laity”?
    “For US the laity.”

  8. Thank you for defending Truth.

  9. I wonder if Fr. Martin has ever had to deal personally with SSA? He writes so blessed as fully about it as if it were a spiritual consolation! I truly doubt he has ever had first hand experience with SSA in his own life… In fact, I’m pretty sure he is not homosexual! Though I may be mistaken. But, having had to deal with the ruination of my religious vocation and years of study for priesthood ripped from under me because I had to deal with my own struggle. The years of rebellious attitude I had to deal with in my spiritual life, and finally facing and coming to terms with Fr. Martin’s Holy Founder’s meditation on the the two ways, I had to deal with the addictions and “penchants” towards sexual activity that would assail me. It has taken years of good spiritual direction and solid commitment and renewal of my solemn vows to live in peace with the struggle of the Christian Life of Chastity. I pray for this well intentioned though truly deluded Priest, who has plunged himself into neo-gnostic theology and relativistic morality. May God show him the Narrow Path!

  10. Mary and Jesus are for all people to do the “will of God” because only those who do the “will of God” will be in heaven with God. Are people who identify themselves as being homosexual doing the “will of God?”

  11. As the mother of a gay son and a Christian Catholic, I love Father Martin and support him 100%. God is love and my son and all LGBT, all people for that matter, even Trump supporters, are love by God. The snarkiness of the article is not Christian. The irony is that in the same edition of this publication is an article about “nones.” Think about it. LGBT people commit suicide in huge numbers. They are considered”disordered.” What’s disordered is thinking they are unworthy and contemptible. Read Father Martin with an open and compassionate heart. Put yourself in different shoes. Try to imitate Christ.
    I will pray for all, even those who condemn the LGBT community and Trump supporters.

    • Two thoughts. One, people are too important to be reduced to their sexual orientation. The Catholic Church has resisted doing so, and therefore faithful Catholic publications prefer to refer to Catholics with same-sex attractions as exactly that. The acronym “LGBT” presupposes an ideology that holds that same-sex sex acts are not sinful. Second, nobody considers same-sex attracted people as “disordered.” It is the attraction–not the people–that is out-of-order. And that’s all disordered means. It means that something, in this case a sexual attraction, is not according to God’s will. There are many other things–again, not people–that are disordered, like a passion for swallowing buttons. Catholics would always and everywhere disagree that swallowing buttons is a misuse of the body, and we would resist very strongly the idea that people who do are either themselves disordered or defined by their button-swallowing.

      • Sorry, that is “Catholics always and everywhere would AGREE that swallowing buttons is a misuse of the body.

    • April Morning

      Bernadette, I think the tone of this article is outraged and offended, not snarky.

      Being sexually attracted to those of the same sex is a disordered attraction. Men’s bodies are not designed to have sex with one another, nor women’s bodies to have sex with women. Homosexual *acts* are condemned by God throughout the Bible. Christ said that marriage is to be between a man and a woman. We don’t tell alcoholics or adulterers, “God made you this way, it must be the way He wants you to be.” Yet that seems to be what Fr. Martin advocates wrt to those in the LGBT community.

      Why wouldn’t imitating Christ involve telling the truth about what God says about homosexual acts, while working to find effective ways to prevent or treat same- sex-attraction?

      The LGBT community has become very aggressive, and is pushing the ideology of transgenderism within schools to young children and by political means with the current “Equality Act.” I will pray that you consider carefully the observations of the gay and lesbians in the following links.

  12. I spite of all of the confusion in the Church, we still have the foundational instruction in Scripture, and Christ to lean on. Hopefully, people will make more use of both, as they should have always done from the start.

  13. I am sympathetic to some of this about Fr Martin, but striking his name “James” and putting “Judas” is very offensive and certainly not “loving your enemy”. You will not win over Martin’s followers for Fr Barron with such hateful rhetoric.

  14. Peter Jensen

    All you folks who find James Martin, SJ’s beliefs, practices and statements to be consistent with the Catholic Faith are fooling yourselves. His endorsement of referring to homosexual relationships as “marriage” is evidence of that. His references to people who claim to be “Transgendered” shows an obvious bias towards a political movement that preys on the insecurity of people who are lured into thinking that their problems are related to their sexual identity. He endorses the use of the rainbow flag. That is a clear statement of support for the full agenda of those people who are mixing sexual identity with politics and science in a perverted way. The only symbol that he should need is the Crucifix. His activities are much different than those of Jesus, who would go into the company of sinners and admonish them to sin no more. That is not James Martin’s message. He is a fraud as a priest of Jesus Christ.

    • Father Martin is the current-day Charles Curran or Hans Kueng. He is an opportunist sowing intentional confusion to further a militant gay-acceptance agenda. His priesthood is his soapbox. He knows what he is doing, and uses various fallicies, such as ‘false analogy,’ to knowingly work against the mind of Christ. He will be chastised in the future when we have a clear-thinking pope again. Francis is legitimate as pontiff, but a dunderhead, who has caused nothing but confusion. We are protected from heresay, but not from weakness or ineffectual leadership. Further sad is that very few laypeople today have not been co-opted by the tides of relativism and militant secularism.

  15. John Stangle

    This demeaning type of ranting article and headline should not be in the Catholic Register. Whether one agrees with Fr. Martin or not. It is stooping to a low level.

    • Musician's Dad

      First to the man who was forced to abandon the priesthood because of his “struggle” thank you for offering, to serve and thank you for recognizing that to continue might have been a bridge too far. My daughter is a world class liturgical musician, she studied in many very dine venues, and I don’t need to tell you that some of the musicians were gay. Not that they practiced it, but they were safe for my daughter to travel with (from a dad’s view). Many of them remain celebate, with great sacrifice. I had a lengthy discussion with one young man about his intentions toward my daughter, he explained why she was safe with him, and I was absolutely disappointed, and asked him if he couldn’t be her husband and force himself to be a father. He said he could not. Many of the couples in that community were equally homosexual, but married to produce talented children, and simply didn’t live together conjugally. If we as a community cannot discuss these hardships without nastiness, then we cannot expect to enter into salvation with such prejudices. Each one on earth is unique even though we are all created in the image of God, we are all different. Reconciliation among humans is essential, even on this matter. Thanks for participation in this discussion, I won’t post again! I think Fr. Martin is a valuable and quite intelligent and Holy priest. I would hope we can all disagree without being destructive!

      • The heroic sacrifices you reference are neither the audience Fr. Martin speaks to, nor the false charity (one that does not require sacrifice & celibacy) which he promotes.

    • Perfidious: deliberately faithless; treacherous; deceitful.

      This is an accurate description of Fr. James Martin’s public ministry and radical agenda.

      I am sorry of the extreme nature of today’s cultural collapse & ecclesial crisis troubles you.

    • M. Gawne-Mark


  16. What a toxic read this is! Where is charity? I am especially horrified by the disrespect toward Pope Francis, whose election was guided by the Holy Spirit, as I was taught in Catholic school. He is our Pope – where is the respect? Where is the obedience? I believe he is far more Christlike than Pope Benedict with his expensive tastes and love of fashion and wealth and the trappings of the Papacy. If God can work through Benedict, though, why can he not equally work through Francis? And if Jesus has told us to love one another, why are supposedly ‘good’ Catholics so hateful toward those with whom they disagree, going so far as to reject ordained priests, bishops and even the Holy Father for that reason? What a poor witness to the faith!

    • what a joke. so all the scandalous ultracorrupt popes like Benedict IX and John XII were also chosen by the Holy Spirit. liberal Catholics are so stupid, no wonder Popes like Bendict XV, Pius IX, Pius X, Pius XI, Pius XII, Leo XIII condemned liberal Catholics as heretics so frequently

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